The Sweet Trilogy Review


The Sweet Trilogy


Title – The Sweet Trilogy  (Website, Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Wendy Higgins (Website, Goodreads)

Published – May 1st 2012, April 30th 2013, and April 29th 2014

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – Anna Whitt was born with the ability to see and feel the emotions of people around her. She also remembers everything since her birth. She remembers a male figure telling her to stay away from what she desires so strongly everyday…drugs & alcohol.

Despite Anna hiding her differences from everybody, including her foster mom, Patti, she can’t evade the inevitable .  When her friend Jason brings her to a concert and she doesn’t see the drummer’s emotional aura, she finds out her real heritage…filled with angels, demons, and nyphs.



Okay so no matter how many times I rewrite the summary to try to make it sound less cheesy, I can’t. But let me stress to you….holy amazing book!

I read the first book in this series, Sweet Evil, and before I could sit down to write a full review…I finished the whole trilogy. Oops. So I decided to write a review on the whole series.

And here I am, about two months later, still thinking about the characters and wishing I could keep following their journey (although the end wraps it up pretty well).

This series is excellent. It took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I became attached to the characters. I didn’t want it to end but I couldn’t stop reading.

I don’t like doing a lot of internet digging on a book before I read the story, but you’d think I’d know by now to at least find out if it is part of a series. I got to almost the end of the book and started to panic because there wasn’t enough pages to finish everything!

there's too many things that need resolving but the book has only 20 pages left

Sums up my panic.

I think the relate-ability of the characters allows for fan bases to grow. This is the case for the Sweet trilogy. The fanbase is growing! Just search Sweet Peril in tumblr. Kaiden Rowe even has his own twitter account and wiki page. Clearly it is a pretty quotable book, similar to We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.


Please don’t let the silly angel/demon world turn you off to Anna’s world. I am with all those reviewers on goodreads saying “this review doesn’t do it justice” and begging for others to enjoy!


Conclusion: Try out the first book. Perhaps by the time you’re done you’ll be grabbing for the next.




Four Book Review

Synopsis:Four by Veronica Roth

Title – Four (Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Veronica Roth (Website, Goodreads)

Published – July 8th 2014

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – Four is a collection of short stories from Four’s point of view. The first three stories, “The Transfer,” “The Initiate,” and “The Son,” are all before Four met Tris. The last story, “The Traitor,” takes place mid-Divergent



On the final stop before a 5 hours long car ride, and thinking I didn’t have enough reading material to last, I nabbed this book off my cousin’s shelf. I’ll admit this book was never on my reading list because I didn’t want for it to ruin what I thought of the Divergent series. Stories that are rewritten from a different perspective can be a big a hit or a big miss. I didn’t want it to be a miss.

Four by Veronica Roth contents

When Roth was writing Allegiant, she needed “additional perspective.” So, Roth decided to write two point of views.

I can almost guarantee that I will find people complaining about the addition to the series, saying Roth should have stopped with the completion of Allegiant. But I consider myself optimistic and fair for giving books their own fighting chance. Sure enough, I found those complainers. But I also did find fans of Four, who naturally love anything pertaining to the male character.

What did I think about the book? Four wasn’t that bad. It also wasn’t great. I was left wanting more. I felt that the writing was very high level and what Roth wrote was just skimming the surface. I read Divergent a few years ago so I couldn’t nit pick at the details. I thought, from what I could remember, Roth did a good job aligning the details of the stories. However I felt that the emotion could have gone deeper. I didn’t connect with Four as much as I did with Tris in Divergent. I wanted to know more about the way Four was feeling and going through during Divergent, but Four didn’t give it to me. The stories are written in chunks which I thought prevented the reader from fully connecting and engaging with the story.


Also, the cover image is deceiving. There is never any mention of the Ferris Wheel incident.


Conclusion: I thought Roth could have done better.


The Jewel Book Review

Synopsis:The Jewel

Title – The Jewel (Goodreads,  EpicReads,  Amazon,  BarnsAndNobel

Author – Amy Ewing (Website, Goodreads, EpicReads

Published – September 2nd 2014

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – Violet Lasting, known as #197, was raised in the Marsh, the poorest part of the city. After she was “diagnosed” she had to be trained to be a surrogate for the royalty in the Jewel. Violet must accept her life, but will she be obedient?


Thoughts: **may contain spoilers**

I picked up this book because of a pin on pinterest. You can see I loved The Selection Series so why wouldn’t I pick up a book that is like it?

The Jewel

Plus, it helped that there was a person in a dress. Apparently I like picking up books with girls in gorgeous dresses (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). I know, don’t judge a book by the cover right…but it looks so pretty. In fact it is so attractive it was 27th out of 448 books on goodread’s Most Beautiful YA Covers of 2014 and 31st out of 1,009 books on Best Covers of 2014.

The Jewel

Speaking of pretty colors, how cool is this Sunday morning pic!

The book was somewhat not engaging..until the end of chapter 10. Wow.

However, while the plot was captivating, there were plenty of holes in the plot. For me, these took a lot of the credibility away from Ewing. Some of the cracks in the plot include:

  • Violet hasn’t seen a boy since she was around 10 years old and the first time she sees Ash she imagines kissing him and starts hyperventilating. Bad romance much?
  • The second time she leaves the palace for her second ball she doesn’t have to wear a leash but every other surrogate does? Why?
  • Violet never checks or listens if anybody is coming when she defies the Duchess. Wouldn’t you want to make extra sure you don’t get caught?
  • She was impregnated and had a miscarriage all in one day?
  • It went from breakup to makeup in two pages. Really?

So yeah, many holes. If you are super cynical of underdeveloped romance, I don’t suggest you pick up this book.

With all that being said, however, this dystopia land is still interesting enough to me that I want to finish the series. Her second book, The White Rose, just came out October 6th, 2015.

Conclusion: Although I cringed my nose a few times at the writing throughout the book, I still will pick up the next book in the series.

Have you read The Jewel? What do you think? Should I pick up the second book?

Kiss Crush Collide Book Review


Title – Kiss Crush Collide Kiss Crush Collide1.JPG(WebsiteGoodreadsBarnsAndNoble – HarperCollins)

Author – Christina Meredith (WebsiteGoodreads)

Published – December 27th 2011

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – Leah, the youngest of three sisters, had her path laid out for her by her sisters and mother. She has the perfect life – family, boyfriend, grades. On the night of her sister’s engagement party/other sister’s graduation party, she does something that doesn’t fit into the mold.  



Thoughts: Kiss Crush Collide is not what I normally pick up. In fact, when I know the characters are going to cheat, I don’t even pick up the book.


Other readers didn’t seem to like it either. It was just one I picked up on the shelf so I didn’t look at reviews ahead of time. This book got 3 stars out of 5 on Here is another reviewer who gave it 1.5 out of 5 stars. 


However, amidst the studying and hecktic week I had, I was in need of a light read. This book ended up being just that so I ended up finishing the book.


Towards the end, it seemed to drag out about the theme that the mother and sisters laid the path for her and she was just following in the footsteps. It became stale. However, the cute little gesture Porter made at the end gave the book a decent closure.


There was little to no character development but, again, this made it perfect for the mindless read. I was disappointed though at the fact that every excerpt I read on the book alluded to bigger romantic scenes but that wasn’t the case in the book. This is like the movie preview giving away all the good lines. But I guess I couldn’t expect much for a Young Adult book.


Next time I am in need of a light read, I will consult this goodread’s list. I actually read a few on this list, like My Life Next Door, The Selection series, and I’ve Got Your Number.


Conclusion: If you’re in desperate need of very light read, be my guest. Otherwise, I wouldn’t bother.

Kiss Crush Collide2.JPG

We Were Liars Book Review


Title – We Were Liars (Goodreads, Tumblr, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – E. Lockhart (Website, Goodreads)

Published – May 13th 2014

Classification – Young Adult

Summary – I stole Goodread’s summary because I think it’s spot on.






This is not your typical writing style.

It’s choppy. Short.

It is different. it is engaging.

However, as you can see from a simple google search, the book is very quotable.

We Were Liars 2

I’ll admit, all the names and lineage was thrown in your face at once. I was nervous I wasn’t going to keep all the characters straight. This family tree provided was a little help but all the reader really needs to know is the four “liars” – Gat, Johnny, Mirren, and Cadence.

Besides the names, you almost have to read between the lines to get to the root of the problem. I thought the themes seem to be tucked away and skirted around but I later realized the themes were right in my face the whole time.

We Were Liars received lot of attention from the media, including Entertainment Weekly, the Wall Street Journal, and Time. Mashable says it is “well -crafted and suspenseful” and Buzzfeed says it is “incredibly hard to put down”. Tumblr has a nice website that takes you into the world of the Sinclairs where you can see a whole list of reviews of the book. The website also has pictures of the island and family tree, and of course fan-made images that tumblr is known for.


Here is another great site with information about the book, author, and a character gallery. It also reveals that E. Lockhart has already written the screenplay for the movie adaptation, picked up by Imperative Entertainment. When I looked up this company though, I can’t find what other movies they have done. Can somebody help me here?


Interesting…I am curious as to how this will be made into a movie.


I recommend you pick up this book and read it. Once you reach the end, let me know what you thought in the comments below!


Trust me, you don’t want any spoilers for this book. Just read.


Conclusion: We Were Liars is worth the full read. You have to get to the end! The end is the best part.
We Were Liars

Off the Page Book Review

SynopsiOff The Pages:

Title – Off the Page (Website, Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Jodi Picoult (Website, Goodreads) and Samantha Van Leer (Goodreads

Published – May 19th 2015

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – Delilah and Oliver are in love and want to spend time together….but Oliver is a character in a book. Delilah and Oliver find a way to bring Oliver into the real world, which of course brings adventures and complications.

Here is an excerpt from the novel:

Hear Oliver summarize his thoughts:



To state the obvious, I picked up this book because Jodi Picoult was the author. I think the first book I picked up by Picoult was My Sister’s Keeper and, besides the heart-tugging plotline, I was awed by her flawless and engaging writing style. Hopefully I don’t have to pitch to you how good of an author Picoult is.

When I was able to pick this book up from the library, I dove right into the pages. This is why two things completely escaped my awareness:

First, I had no idea who Samantha Van Leer was – turns out that it’s Picoult’s daughter! She thought, “what happens to the characters when you close the book” and pitched the idea to her mother. To me, it seems like the idea of characters coming out of a book would be a common plot, but I have never read a book like this one yet.

Off the Page 2

Second, I had no idea that this book was a follow-up to Between the Lines. I clearly didn’t read the little text on the bottom of the cover image. Luckily this book can stand on its own, otherwise I would have been completely lost. That being said, the people at highly recommend reading Between the Lines first. Has anyone read Between the Lines? Comment below if you think I should pick it up.

One thing I thoroughly enjoyed while reading this book that I feel was a nice touch was that each character’s chapter was printed in a different color. I was reading text that was purple, blue, and green.

Off the Page 3


Although I was aware that the type of audience this book was geared toward is a younger age, I was able to still sympathize with and be moved by these characters. It was a cute storyline that made me laugh quite often. I do have to say, though, I was more interested in what was happening in the real world than in the book world.

Conclusion: While geared to a younger audience, a well-done piece of work.

The Heir Book Review


Title – The Heir The Heir(GoodreadsAmazonBarnsAndNoble)

Author – Kiera Cass (WebsiteGoodreadsEpicReads)

Published – May 5th 2015

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – The Heir is the fourth book in The Selection series. King Maxon and Queen America’s first born, Eadlyn is 18 and on the cusp of running Illea. Romance isn’t exactly her thing and marriage is far from what she wants. Having her own Selection was not in the plans either, but plans change.


Thoughts: ***warning: spoilers!***

I would describe this book as a cross between The Bachelor/Bachelorette (because of the line of suitors fighting for her heart) and The Hunger Games (because of the land’s citizen class system). I never watched the Bachelorette series, but…dare I say I liked The Selection series more than The Hunger Games?

I originally picked up The Selection series because of a recommendation from my brother and I was so excited to find out a fourth book was coming out. It took forever for The Heir to come in at the library but once I got my hands on it, I finished this book in three days….it gave me ALL. THE. FEELS.

There are so many things I liked about this book.

First, The Heir is the fourth book of a supposed-to-be trilogy, but the books go against the norm and keeps getting better! Nothing is worse when series continues downhill from the first book.

The Heir 2

Second, I love the spelling of the names. Usually, it is hard for me to remember weird names in a book like this that takes place in a different land, but this book is different. In my head I pronounced Eadlyn as Adalyn, Ahren as Aaron, Osten as Austin, Kile as Kyle, and Henri as Henry.

Third, I love how close Eadlyn is with her father. She had to start working with him so she knew what to do when she started ruling. It hit close to home since I worked with my dad since the age of 13 as well. Eadlyn is also close with her brother Ahren too and it was super cute how in love he was with Princess Camille. Cass wrote the family dynamic just perfect.

Speaking of ruling, the fact that the daughter was taking over the crown instead of the first born son was a well-known element, but not exaggerated. I liked that it wasn’t made a big deal. One particular quote made me think of this element from a different view – Eadlyn’s brother Kaden’s view on ruling was “…your name will be in a history book one day, and some bored ten-year-old will memorize it for a test and then forget all about you. You have a job, just like everybody in the world. Stop acting like it makes you more or less than anyone else.” Cass actually makes you think instead of making it just about romance.

By my second day of reading, I realized that there is no way Cass can wrap this plot line up in one book. With more research I found out that the fifth and final book will be titled The Crown, coming out May of 2016.

There are also other books that follow The Selection series: The Prince, The Guard, The Queen and The Favorite. I have not read these yet. If you have, let me know what you thought in the comments below!

And finally…the biggest news! Warner Bros has bought the movie rights to The Selection series. This video says it is the official trailer of The Heir (not sure if that is accurate or not, but it is pretty spot on):

Conclusion: Be prepared for all your heart strings to be tugged. 

P.S. If you want to be very entertained, check out Kiera Cass’s YouTube videos:

Saint Anything Book Review


Title – Saint Anything (GoodreadsAmazonBarnsAndNoble)

Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Author – Sarah Dessen (GoodreadsWebsite)

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – Sydney’s older brother just got in trouble and sent to jail. Now Sydney is left trying to find her way to work through the whole situation: her parents’ attention is now on her and she is just worrying about the victim. With a school change comes new friends who help her through her journey.


Thoughts: ***warning: spoilers!**

This was a wonderful book! I picked up this book after seeing it on the new releases list at the library. I recognized the author’s name but it wasn’t until more than halfway through the book that I googled the other books written by Sarah Dessen.

The main character, Sydney, was a down-to-earth teen – a refreshing change from whiny teens who obsess over boys and talk back to their parents. Personally, I would want to be her friend. I loved that Dessen wrote with a darker side (Sydney’s brother being away in jail) that did not overshadow other characters or themes. I later found out that this theme was close to Dessen because, while the brother was gone, she felt that her writing was ‘gone’ (

That Ames character — I wanted to know what the heck he was up to and why he was so weird. I also wanted to know how Dessen was going to connect the title in the story. For both of these, it took a while but was worth the wait.

Throughout the whole book, I was rooting for Sydney’s happy ending. I loved the romantic element but didn’t feel like it dominated the book, which is exactly why Dessen doesn’t believe her books don’t completely fit into the romance category ( I didn’t know how Dessen was going to conclude the story but it ended up being perfect. Sydney did her “time” gracefully and Dessen wrapped up Sydney’s story in a neat little bow.

Saint Anything2
With this said, I was devastated when I read Sarah Dessen’s blog post that she isn’t currently writing
(  Ahh!! I’d love to see another book from her in the future.

Conclusion:  Great book! Sarah Dessen has done it again.

What did you think?