The Slight Edge Book Review

Synopsis:The Slight Edge

Title -The Slight Edge  (Website, Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Jeff Olson (Website, Goodreads)

Published – September 15th 2014 (the 8th anniversary edition)

Classification – Non-fiction, Self-help

Summary – The Slight Edge is a self-help book about doing little daily activities to reach your goal. This 8th anniversary edition of The Slight Edge includes mini testimonies about the slight edge in use.



The Slight Edge is another staple book for your personal development library. Personally, I think this book is very similar to Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect.  I feel The Slight Edge contents and themes builds upon the foundation from The Compound Effect. If you’re looking for an easier read or a “simpler” book, I’d recommend The Compound Effect…then grab this book.


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Two big things I pulled out of this book are:

  • NEVER QUIT DREAMING. THE REASON THINGS MAY BE UNCOMFORTABLE IS BECAUSE I HAVE A GOAL – There is a “wanting” gap between “where I am” and “where I could be.” The gap and difference between these two places makes people uncomfortable. Most people see this difference as negative problem and want it to go away, rather than take steps towards the latter. To get rid of this tension, most just quit dreaming. (ch. 10, pg 165-166)
  • YOU CANNOT DO ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WHEN REACHING A GOAL – “Remember, there aren’t many millionaires who bowl over 100. Why not? Because they left the bowling league behind to build their fortunes. ‘Is that too large of a price to pay?’ is a question only you can answer. Remember this: whatever price you pay, there’s a bigger price to pay for not doing it than the price for it….It may take five years and 10,000 hours to put your success on track, but it takes a lifetime to fail.”(ch. 15, pg 228)

I think it is important to note that these are some things I pulled out of the book during my first read-through. I will pull out different things next time I open the book because I will have personally grown since. Most likely, I will pull this book off my shelf next year to brush up my slight edge.

What are some things you taken away from reading this book? If you haven’t read it yet, will you?

Conclusion: As mentioned, The Slight Edge is another staple book for your personal development library.


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