Troublemaker Book Review

Synopsis:Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology by Leah Remini

Title – Troublemaker  (Website, Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Leah Remini (Website, Goodreads)

Published – November 3rd 2015

Classification – Non Fiction

Summary – Leah Remini writes a memoir of her life: from childhood, climbing the levels of Scientology, acting in The King of Queens, and much more..



I will be the first to admit I knew nothing about Scientology. I had no idea it was a religion. I picked up this book because Leah Remini wrote it, and by now everybody should know by now how big of a fan I am for reading books written by celebrities.

I consider myself to have a pretty open mind and curiosity for learning new things. I like learning about the way people live.

Thoughts after reading the book: WOW, wow, and wow. Mind awed and mouth open.

This book follows Leah’s life from childhood, through joining the Scientology church, becoming a Sea Org member, going to many casting calls, starting a family with Angelo, acting on The King of Queens, going to Tom Cruise‘s wedding, and quitting Scientology.

Leah really opens up about struggling through the acting business. She was always working really hard because she needed to pay rent for her family. It was hard to rely on income from acting because shows kept getting canceled after doing a few episodes. I love reading about her experience meeting with Jennifer Aniston and trying out for Friends (one of my all-time favorite shows!).  When Leah finally landed the role on King of Queens, it was absolutely touching the way she spoke about Kevin and the crew because they had her back.

Obviously, Leah also opened up about things she had to do for Scientology as well. I won’t reveal too much about this topic because I hope that people pick up the book, but basically Scientologists are told that their mission is to “clear the planet” (I’m still not sure what that means exactly). Her mother’s boyfriend introduced them to the church, where they worked and took classes to get to higher levels. Scientology is the answer and can make a person realize their full potential for greatness. Those who leave the church are considered “Suppressive Persons” and are told to disconnect people in the church. Again, I won’t go into too much detail because I like how Leah explained things.


Taking into consideration this is her view of her situation, and there is two sides to every story, I’d say she was pretty fair about things. Naturally, Leah has an abrasive side which gets her into trouble. She admits to some of her faults which I can appreciate. Obviously Leah is not afraid to speak her mind, but bringing to light and questioning some things that she encountered within the church is a very courageous thing for her to do.

The reviewers over at agree with me that it is a good book.

Conclusion: Highly recommend.

What do you think?


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