Four Book Review

Synopsis:Four by Veronica Roth

Title – Four (Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Veronica Roth (Website, Goodreads)

Published – July 8th 2014

Classification – Young Adult Fiction

Summary – Four is a collection of short stories from Four’s point of view. The first three stories, “The Transfer,” “The Initiate,” and “The Son,” are all before Four met Tris. The last story, “The Traitor,” takes place mid-Divergent



On the final stop before a 5 hours long car ride, and thinking I didn’t have enough reading material to last, I nabbed this book off my cousin’s shelf. I’ll admit this book was never on my reading list because I didn’t want for it to ruin what I thought of the Divergent series. Stories that are rewritten from a different perspective can be a big a hit or a big miss. I didn’t want it to be a miss.

Four by Veronica Roth contents

When Roth was writing Allegiant, she needed “additional perspective.” So, Roth decided to write two point of views.

I can almost guarantee that I will find people complaining about the addition to the series, saying Roth should have stopped with the completion of Allegiant. But I consider myself optimistic and fair for giving books their own fighting chance. Sure enough, I found those complainers. But I also did find fans of Four, who naturally love anything pertaining to the male character.

What did I think about the book? Four wasn’t that bad. It also wasn’t great. I was left wanting more. I felt that the writing was very high level and what Roth wrote was just skimming the surface. I read Divergent a few years ago so I couldn’t nit pick at the details. I thought, from what I could remember, Roth did a good job aligning the details of the stories. However I felt that the emotion could have gone deeper. I didn’t connect with Four as much as I did with Tris in Divergent. I wanted to know more about the way Four was feeling and going through during Divergent, but Four didn’t give it to me. The stories are written in chunks which I thought prevented the reader from fully connecting and engaging with the story.


Also, the cover image is deceiving. There is never any mention of the Ferris Wheel incident.


Conclusion: I thought Roth could have done better.



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