Kiss Me Book Review

Synopsis:Kiss Me

Title – Kiss Me (Website, Goodreads, Amazon, BarnsAndNoble)

Author – Susan Mallery (Website, Goodreads)

Published – June 30th 2015

Classification – Romance fiction

Summary – Zane has trouble raising his younger ex-step-brother, Chase, on the inherited cattle ranch in Fool’s Gold. Forced into doing a cattle drive for tourists, Zane is taking every opportunity to show Chase that what he did was wrong. Maya, Zane’s other step-sibling, asks Phoebe to come to the ranch to help. As one last favor, Phoebe agrees and finds she enjoys Fool’s Gold. Phoebe and Zane obviously have chemistry, but is either one of them ready for a relationship?




This book I picked up while making the mistake of browsing the new fiction bookcase in the library. This is a mistake because I end up leaving with an armful of books I did not plan to pick up… 

Kiss Me3.JPG

Kiss Me was attractive because I really was in the mood for a romance that doesn’t take place in a time where people called each other Duke or Madame.

Of course, like numerous times before, I find out that it is part of a series after I finish and go to write a review. Turns out, Kiss Me is #17 in the Fool’s Gold series. Susan Mallery has so many books out…how have I not heard of her before?


Fool’s Gold is the little town where the series takes place. It even has its own website. (Besides the fiction town, I think Fool’s Gold, California is a real place. It is also the title of one of my mom’s favorite movies 🙂 )


I can attest that you don’t have to read other Fool’s Gold books in order to understand this one. In fact, I did not pick up on any relation to other books. While reading reviews, some said that there is a character or two that popped in, but any affiliation went over my head.


This blog agrees with me on the fact that, with all the doom and gloom in real life, it is nice to read a book that has a good (healthy) relationship.


The characters were ones I could connect with. The character Phoebe made me think of Friends.


I didn’t picture them looking the same, but they both were nice and kinda quirky (both talked to animals!) Zane reminded me of the author Zane who writes romance novels that are FAR from clean. Zane doesn’t talk much and the romantic in me wishes he would just tell Phoebe how he felt, but that is part of his character I guess. I loved him anyway.


Despite all this, the cover had little relevancy. Zane is a cowboy so where is his hat? And there was no bike anywhere in the story. This is the only downfall of the book.

Kiss Me2

Kiss Me has been named “Best Book of the Month” in romance by the editors at I can see why; I enjoyed this book from the beginning to the end. I probably will end up reading other books in the series.


Conclusion: Kiss Me is one I recommend for anybody in the mood for a light, contemporary romance.


Have you read Kiss me? What did you think? Should I pick up other books in the series? Comment below!


**addition made on 1/26/2016:

I ended up reading the first book of this series, called Chasing Perfect. Read my review Here


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