The Actress Book Review


Title – The Actress (GoodreadsAmazonBarnsAndNoble)The Actress

Author – Amy Sohn (WebsiteGoodreads)

Published – July 1st 2014

Classification – Fiction

Summary – Maddy’s first indie film directed by her boyfriend Dan gets recognized at a Film Festival where she meets Bridget, the manager of Steven Weller, a Hollywood heartthrob. In a jiffy she lands her next role playing opposite of Steven Weller, where her career takes off and she gets swept off her feet.



I must admit, this book was hard to get into at first. There is lots of names, movie titles, and places thrown at you all at once which I really dislike. I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it far in the book.

After a bit though, I was able to get into the plot line and wanted to know what Maddy was going to do next. I was almost rushing through the book to find out how it ends.

The Actress 2

Every once in awhile the point of view changed without notice and I had to go back to reread parts to understand it. The different angle included information that was important to the story, but added confusion to the reader. If Sohn could clean this up or make it more smoother, I think it would make this book a bit better.

What I enjoyed from this book was the different angle Sohn took on the topic of an aspiring actress. This is drastically different from Lauren Graham’s Someday, Someday, Maybe. Sohn did not write your typical struggling actress viewpoint. She took you from the first “interview” to living the life of a well-known famous actress. The benefits and downfalls of being famous came too, but were sprinkled into part of the books so it felt natural.

I found myself scrutinizing Maddy’s actions constantly. She was so different from me and I felt like I was looking into the story rather than feeling empathy. The writing style had a big part of this too.

The ups and downs of marriage were heavily hit on within the book. In fact, I think this book was more on the marriage aspect than acting which makes me wonder how she picked the title. The ending did not have to deal with acting at all…


Here are some ways Huffington Post says common outcomes of when their spouse comes out as gay. I liked reading about how Maddy reacted but, like I said earlier, I sort-of rushed through the book because I wanted to find out the choice Maddy made. The other stuff wasn’t as interesting to me.

The Actress

Conclusion: I may gain more by rereading The Actress…but I probably won’t.

Will you pick this book up? What did you think? Should I read it again?


5 thoughts on “The Actress Book Review

  1. This book sounds very interesting and your thoughts on it leave me intrigued. It sounds like a book i’m going to add to the list of books I want to read!


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