Someday, Someday, Maybe Book Review

Title – Someday, Someday, Maybe Someday, Someday, Maybe Book Cover(GoodreadsAmazonBarnsAndNoble)

Author – Lauren Graham (WebsiteGoodreads)

Classification –Fiction

Summary – Franny has three months to go in her three year plan to make it as an actress in New York City.


Thoughts: ***warning: spoilers!**

I have to be honest – this book probably would not have been picked up if not for the author. Lauren Graham is the beloved actress famously known from Gilmore Girls, Parenthood, and Evan Almighty. This is her debut novel and, out of fandom, I had to read it.

Someday Someday Maybe Book Review tumblr Lauren Graham Gif2 tumblr Lauren Graham Gif3 tumblr Lauren Graham Gif4

Lauren Graham talks about Peter Krause reading her novel, “Someday, Someday, Maybe” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

Plus, as an avid reader herself, I thought I struck it rich.

Lauren Graham

I felt the main character, Franny, was an exact mirror image of this. However, as much as I enjoy Graham’s roles, I didn’t enjoy the dense quirky-ness and worry-wart attitude of Franny.

And was it just me or were all the other characters too cliche?

The plot line isn’t too engaging (hence the one sentence summary). Oh, she’s an actress in New York City with hopes of “making it big?” She has a few commercials under her belt? When she does get her first gig, she’s worried about the nudity?

Am I being too harsh?

Someday, Someday, Maybe

I felt the love aspect in this book could have been better done as well. Oh, the “friend” ends up being the love interest? Ok, I’m done.

I should check with the people over at goodreads why they chose this book as Best Fiction 2013. Perhaps they could elaborate on why it is in the same list as Genette Wall’s The Silver Star and Jodi Picoult’s The Storyteller who I think are both outstanding authors.

Maybe I should have picked up the audiobook instead, which Graham voices. Or perhaps Graham should write a nonfiction book about how she made it as an actress! I think I’d really like that book.

Conclusion: Not a fan of the book. Still a fan of Lauren Graham.

Have you read Someday, Someday, Maybe? Did I not read it though the same lens? What do you think?

Someday, Someday, Maybe


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